The Gator Grass Difference


We proudly offer factory-direct pricing from the Synthetic Grass Warehouse (SGW) Greensboro, N.C. Regional Distribution Facility. Tencate® fiber and TigerTurf® manufacturing are the international standard for synthetic landscape grass. Together with SGW, GatorGrass Lawns® is intergrated with the most well-respected partners in the synthetic grass industry.

What’s the difference? Try finding this team anywhere else!

The Product Difference

  • Yarn Type: Slit Film, Monofilament, 2-Tone Color, Yarn Manufacturer.
  • Stitch Rate: Gauge, Face Weight, Denier.
  • Lines and Color: Custom Orders.
  • Backing: 20 oz double backed polyurethane.

These Are The Facts:
Synthetic grass pays for itself while looking great and saving you time. Costs for installation are negligible compared to the lifetime return on your investment. Adding to the savings, a number of municipal water districts offer credits for the installation of synthetic lawns.

The use of synthetic lawn extends beyond water conservation. It reduces lawn clippings that create more methane gasses than the corresponding amount of oxygen created by grass.

It is estimated that home owners and gardeners that cut their lawns once per week spill up to 5 gallons of gas per year! Installing synthetic lawn would solve those problems immediately. Running a lawn mower for one hour is the equivalent of driving a car for 6 hours in traffic!

Synthetic lawns are the ultimate in “green” landscaping. They ELIMINATE the need to use harmful pesticides and fertilizers that are proven to put children and pets at risk, as well as ground water contamination.