Factory Direct-Owner Assisted Program


$2.30 per sq. ft. Factory-Direct Program
Yes that’s Right! We can sell factory-direct GatorBlend for $2.30 per square foot, plus freight. Contact us for more information.

Home Owners
For the Do-It-Yourselfer, determine how much grass square foot you will need by using our “What Will Your Project Cost” tool and get a budget. We will come out and verify your information. Simply pick what type of grass you would prefer and we will order it for you. We can work with you by removing 3” of existing grass, place and compact 3″ of screenings, grade, place borders, and install grass with very little waste.

First of all, we are not a threat to your business. Only a compliment. Natural grass and sod will always be dominate to synthetic grass. We just want the smaller highly-visable, hard-to-mow and maintain areas where to install natural grass is not a good decision. You already have most all the tools and skill to install synthetic grass. Strip the existing yard and place 3” of compactable stone with landscape borders. We will work side by side with you cutting and staking the material with infill if necessary. Do your client and business a favor and consider GatorGrass® —where it just makes sense.

General Contractors and Developers
In the design phase before building your next project, consider GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® in specific applications where sod would not grow, or hard to maintain. Small courtyards, children and pet areas, gated areas where maintenance crews are loud and security is important are obvious applications. Front yard and courtyard model homes where new homeowners can opt for no-mow lawns are all are smart choices for GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns®. Order material from us and we’ll help your guys install. Once we have helped them with one, you can self-perform in the future. But we’ll always be there for advice and assistance.

Government Agencies
Whether you’re a County, City, State, or Federal agency, you have highly visible, hard and sometimes dangerous areas that you’ll never stop having to maintain. Have your steering committee identify those areas and call us. We’ll consult you and train your maintenance crews to beautify your most important round-a-about, medians or municipal entrance. Many cities and agencies out west are already doing this because they know their cities will be less maintenance intrusive to the general public, making it safer for their median crews, saving water, and of course, look better. Don’t be left in dark ages – synthetic grass is the obvious choice in certain applications.

Business Owners
Do you want your business to stand apart from all the rest? Install GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® at your entrance or specific area to give it that special curb appeal that others don’t have. Usually we do full turn key installations for businesses that are not equipped to install. We can also work with your landscaper to beautify your business. Have us come out and give you the information and pricing where you can make the right decision. We are sensitive to the budgets of businesses and while synthetic grass is a little more upfront, the ROI pays off down the road while you get that jaw dropping pop that only GatorGrass® perfection can bring. Click here to read more about the Return on Investment.

Landscape Architects and Engineers
Many landscape architects already know of the benefits of synthetic grass. They just don’t know what GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® has done to greatly reduce the cost yet maintain high-quality standards. Budgets are very tight on most all types of commercial and residential developments. Synthetic grass is usually first to be cut out because of the cost. Now that GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® has lowered the cost and made it more affordable, it just makes sense in certain applications. Don’t throw in grass or sod without evaluating GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® first. Give us a call and we’ll show you why.