Reasons You Would Benefit


1. A GatorGrass® Lawn will increase your home value and help lessen the time it’s on the market.

2. Constant jaw-dropping beautification.

3. No watering, mowing or fertilizing.

4. Synthetic grass can save 40% on your water bill if you irrigate.

5. Enjoy your lawn year round.

6. N15 + year life expectancy.

7. Synthetic grass is perfect for shaded areas, courtyards, kids, pets, pool areas, and traffic islands.

8. Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly to maintain.

9. Pets, kids, and parties love synthetic grass.

10. No more dirt/sand/mud dragged in, worn out areas, pet stains.

11. Safer for children and pets—they are not subjected to harmful pesticides, fleas, dirt, etc.

12. No more grass stains.

13. Synthetic grass eliminates bugs and standing water.

14. Synthetic grass drains approximately twice as fast as natural grass.

15. No more rainouts or cancelled games!

16. Rabbits. moles, mice, and gophers cannot destroy synthetic grass.

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