GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® was envisioned and created by Richard Howard when he realized artificial, synthetic grass lawns were hard to find and overly expensive. In 2005, after driving thousands of Interstate miles, he noticed highway crews were tying up traffic maintaining medians and weed eating guardrails. “Why don’t we install artificial grass in medians and under guardrails so highway crews are not in danger?” he thought to himself. Then medians and roundabouts would look beautiful without costly mowing. From there his business was started. Soon, artifical landscape grass became a focus because most people did not know it even existed.

First out of North Carolina; he, Tom Johnston and Gary Bradley installed and distributed hundreds of successful projects to private homeowners, builder/developers, vet clinics, and children’s playgrounds. Their work has been showcased on ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” (Lexington, N.C.’s Creasy Family), SuperBowl LXXI Party Field, and the 2012 Democratic National Convention; to name just a few.

All that experience evolved into GatorGrass Synthetic Lawns® providing all types of owners quality, affordable, no-mow lawns in a simple, enjoyable fashion. Even though we operate out of Southwest Florida, we bring our quality, artificial grass installations to all of Florida!